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Psoriasis at the hairline and scalp.

Psoriasis belongs to the rheumatic disorders. There is often a cross reactivity with rheumatism or gout. Apart from having a genetic disposition to the disease, the patient's fumaric acid metabolism is affected, which causes the skin cells of persons suffering from psoriasis to grow seven times faster than in healthy persons.

Rheumatism: Many types of rheumatism are autoimmune diseases and indicate an unbalanced immune system. Many rheumatics suffer from fungal infections in the intestine and excessive accumulation of acidic toxins. Black Cumin Oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces "pain crystals" and improves blood circulation in the painful parts of your body.

Fungal diseases (Candida albicans): The digestive tract is primarily affected. The disease often starts in the intestine and continues to spread to the oesophagus and the oral mucosa. Fungal skin infections, fungal nail infections and vaginal yeast infections (thrush) occur increasingly often. This is due to a disorder of the bacteria balance in the intestine as a result of a weak immune system. Black Cumin Oil has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects and is optimally suited as a candida therapy. In all cases, a healthy nutrition is vital to relieve complaints. This means, you should avoid alcohol, nicotine, non-fermented dairy products, nuts, citrus fruit, pork and other foods.

Sources and further information about the Egyptian Black Cumin Oil (black seed oil) can also be found on the Internet under:  Albarakha Black Cumin Oil

Dossier on Albarakha Black Cumin Oil

 The effectiveness of Albarakha Black Cumin Oil is also explained in the dossier by O.Univ.Prof. Dr. Werner Pfannhauser (Technical University Graz, Austria).

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